Beyond Reality

Beyond Reality

We live in an era of constantly evolving technology, and at the heart of this transformation is XR (eXtended Reality), where imagination and reality converge. XR is fundamentally changing the way we experience and understand the world, pushing the boundaries of art and entertainment through dynamic technological advancements.

The immersive XR exhibition "Beyond Reality," representing Asia, celebrates its ninth edition this year. We aim to lead at the forefront of these changes, expanding the boundaries of traditional storytelling and elevating interaction with the audience to new dimensions. We will showcase works that not only include existing XR works but also explore new content creation methods using AI, providing diverse experiences and bringing innovative changes to audience interaction. This brings new depth to 'living stories' that are completed by active participation from each viewer. Furthermore, we will offer unique narrative possibilities, providing audiences with more immersive and sensory experiences for deeper understanding and connection.

Furthermore, in this process, the audience becomes a part of the creative process, and their reactions and interactions become crucial elements that both change and complete the artwork itself. This establishes a platform that expands our emotions and perceptions, offering new cultural insights. Through Beyond Reality, we hope you experience emotions and perceptions that transcend your individual experiences. Your participation is essential in creating a new reality. We look forward to embarking on this journey beyond boundaries together this year!

Beyond Reality Exhibition Information

Exhibition Date July 3 (WED) ~ July 14 (SUN)
  • *Official Exhibition date |
  • July 5 (FRI)~July 14 (SUN)
  • *Industry Preview |
  • July 3 (WED)~July 4 (THU)
Operating Hours 10:00~19:00
*Closes at 16:00 on July 14 (SUN)
*Operating hours may change due to internal circumstances of the festival
How to view
On-site visit
To ensure a smooth viewing experience, an on-site waiting system is in place instead of online pre-booking. Please visit the exhibition site, select the desired work, and register on the waiting list. You will be guided and equipped with the necessary gear for viewing when it is your turn.
Exhibition Venue Bucheon Art Bunker B39

Encountering the Virtual and the Real:
A Beginner's Guide to XR

Unlike simply watching a screen, XR allows you to step into the story space through VR devices. You may become the protagonist, listen to the protagonist's story as if a friend is narrating, or use controllers to move and guide the story yourself. This freedom to explore and experience the story space is what sets it apart. Discover the new face of cinema, where rapidly advancing technology and art meet and transform.

XR stands for eXtended Reality, encompassing Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR). VR involves wearing a Head Mounted Display (HMD) device to immerse yourself in a completely new 3D digital space. AR overlays digital content onto the real world, easily accessible through smartphones. MR combines VR and AR, recognizing real-world objects and creating a 3D virtual space around them. XR integrates all these technologies, offering increasingly realistic virtual worlds.

Beyond Reality operates on a walk-in basis without reservations. You can visit the exhibition site, register on the waiting list for the desired works, and view them. Please note that waiting times may be extended if there are many visitors.

“DoF stands for Degree of Freedom.” 3DoF works allow you to view from various angles by moving your head while wearing the device. 6DoF works enable you to move freely within the space, using controllers to interact with objects in the artwork, providing a more immersive experience.

Some XR works have age restrictions. You can check the viewing age for each work on the website and on-site before viewing. However, due to the nature of VR devices, it is recommended that minors with underdeveloped visual systems avoid excessive viewing for a safe and comfortable experience.

Due to the nature of VR devices requiring individual usage, group viewing is not available. Groups must use the waiting system individually.

The running time of each work varies from 15 to 90 minutes. Please refer to the website for the running times of the works you wish to view. Viewing all the content may require a week-long visit. To avoid discomfort or motion sickness, it is recommended to take sufficient breaks between viewings.


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